terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

How much important do you give in clothes?

How much important do you give in clothes?

Clothes in these days is much more than some kind of garment. Became a stile. People are able to know what is your likes, can know what is your music stile and places that you like to go just by “looking your look”.
We can see a lot of types of clothes, and always is created new stiles and parts of clothes. We can see rock clothes, casual, cool, patty, formal and a lot of kinds of clothes… A new type of “tribe” was created recently that create new ways to dress and wear clothes created or desenvolved by them designated Hipsters.
The way that you dress can talk about your social life too, more precisely about your economical class. Some kind of clothes can coast more than U$$ 900.000. Is a big price to spend in just one Dress and use in your body don’t you agree?

My Life in English :D

My Life in English…
I started to study English when I was 11 years old. In the beginning, I was terrible in this subject, but over the time, I improved so much. I did a lot of books, since the First “Let’s Go” Book until the last that I’m in now “Passages 2”.
So many festivals happened in Houston, I used to like the “Ms. And Mr. Egg” a contest that used to occur every year in the Easter. Once I did a Egg based on Britney Spears. The Egg was so funny but unfortunately I didn’t won the price x.x
I studied with a lot of teachers that I can’t remember all of them. Some of Them was Cristiane, Juliana, Jurema, André, Mayara, Larissa, Brian, Danilo, Simone, Joaquim and now Teacher Paulo.
I hope so much that I can finish all the course fast because I really want to start a new language course. Always something different like Japanese or something more used in this days like Spanish.

Free Post

" El Empleo " The Animation
    So, now in this free post, I'll talk about an animation that one friend send to me that I like sooooo much!! the animation is called " El Empleo " (The Employment in english). One thing that made me think about this animation is the fact of pleople agree without do nothing to be used and abused by the others. Some good caracteristics of the animation is that in the end, happens some things different that we can imagine.
    The animation won more than 100 international prices because of the originality of the story and the quality of the animation. the scenary is very cool and the way that the animation was made too!!
    The animation tells about a middle age man's life, but in the world that he lives, people use another ones like objects literally.
    We can see in the animation that no one is happy, everybody loads a sad aspect in their faces.
I'll not tell to much about the animation to not spoil it…
but I wish that you can see how well done this animation was made and understant
the meaning behind it.



I want your smile,
To brighten all my days.
Want your Velvet 's touch,
Just to keep me warm in the coldest night.

Cold as you ... like your skin ...
Snow's collor ...
White, neutral and with our contact ... melts;
Not for being weak, however,
Not made to be touched, but felt.
Touch that dissipates,
When our winter nights go away.

Gustavo Gonçalves

Friendship :)

Friendship. Friendship is a relation between two people that is related with the convivence of one person to another one. Sometimes our friends can know about our lives better than a parent or a relative. But to this happen is necessary a lot of trusty and loyalty that are obtained over the time.Friends sometimes don’t have the same interests in common but can be too much closer and help each other to reach their perspectives and objectives. Friend do things that don’t like too much just to became by side and make the other smile :DThis is friendship.

quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

The Last Post

    So... Thanks God, this will be the last post of the year here in the blog \õ/
    I was thinking... how the new years is coming soo fast, I will talk about its end hehe (or not - I hope so).
    This topic was too much discussed because people believe that the Maya callendar that finish in the Deceber 21th in the next year is right. This "calendar" was cappable to preview a lot of happenings that occours in our world. The december 23th is the another alternative date to the end.
    I don't believe that the world have one day specific to finish, and, how we can see, the world is ending by a long time, but people don't matter with it. People killing each other, the polution and devastation, the poverty, the homeless pleople, the natural disasters... How we can see, the world is ending slowly...
    Other theorys for the end of the world is about the Last Judgement, prophecys, conspirancies, the world economy, collision of another planets with the earth, the arrival of the ETs (this is great hahahahaha Katy Perry thinks this too!! lol), solar storms, magnetic fields... etc... etc...
    How we can see, have a lot of rumors surrounding the end of the world... I dont think that will happen like people are saying, but i don't know about anything too... And You, what do you think about it? '='
    I was thinking, and how this year is finishing, I'll tell about it, from my perspective to you guys...
    The year in the university started a little late (always start in the end of february and the beggining of march). I started as a Art student and i'm finishing the year like a Designer student, but it is good to me because, I always wanted to do design in the past.
    The year passed soo fast, I studyed a lot, did a lot of works and tests, melt new people, went out a lot, dranked (and be drunk) a loooooot!! hehe (just kidding in this part!!)
    But this year was the one of the best!! I learned new things, did some things that i really wanted, was perffect!! \õ/
    So I wish that 2012 the world didn't end and that be great like this year was being!! :D 

Happy New Year for everybody \õ/ (not come yet but is comming soon hehe :D